Weekend at the Queen’s Court – Workshops with Yuri Ferretti
Welcome to the royal experience: The amazing Yuri Ferretti is coming to Hannover bringing along six hours of FCBD® inspired dialect formation goodness!
Queen’s Court is a dialect formation (or rather, a series of formations) created by the brilliant mind of Melody Bustillos, mother of the official FatChanceBellyDance®️ Sword Dialect. These formations work really well on stage and even better in an all-around audience situation. They allow the interaction of up to 16 dancers, allowing us to expand the FCBD®️ repertoire.
In this workshop series, we’ll work with Queen’s Court 6 and 12 in their Duet variation. Each workshop will build onto the previous, so we suggest that you sign up for all of them.
N.B.: Queen’s Court is a complex concept that will take you out of your FCBD®️ comfort zone. We will adjust the workshop pace to our needs 🙂

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday, April 6:
1 – 3pm CET – Workshop 1
4 – 6pm CET – Workshop 2
7 – 10pm CET – Casual Hafla
Sunday, April 7:
11am – 1pm CET – Workshop 3

You can take these workshops either in person or online on Zoom. In-person spots are strictly limited – please write a short email to info@calaneya.de to secure your spot at the studio.
Please note: You can take the workshops online together with your group as long as every group member signs up for them. We will take attendance at the beginning of every workshop to make sure that every participant – both in person and online – has registered for the respective workshop. Please make sure that you switch on your camera at least for the first 30 minutes of each workshop.

Workshop fees, incl. recordings available for 1 month:
Workshop 1 – €48 per person
Workshops 1&2 – €85 per person
Hafla – Guests: €8 per person, Workshop participants: Pay what you can
All Workshops+Hafla – €139 per person
If you are a member of Calaneya Dance Academy, use Promo Code WS-15 to get a 15% discount on your purchase
Sign up online at booking.calaneya.de

06060606, SaSa. AprAprApr | 1313:0404
13:00 — 18:00 (5h)

Yuri Ferretti

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