Trouble Shooting – what to do when everything goes wrong! (EN, online)

The Dance Teacher’s Toolbox

The job of a dance teacher requires a plethora of different skills: Planning a long-term curriculum, structuring classes, while being able to accommodate your students’ individual physical and mental needs. Even if your own dance technique is flawless – how do you transfer your knowledge and skills in your weekly classes or sporadic workshops? This workshop series offers a variety of tools, tips and methods from the highly efficient fields of special education and sports medicine to help you improve your teaching skills and encourage even more improvement in your students’ skills.

8.1. Structuring a Dance Class – from a wholesome warm-up to a solid didactic structure
29.1. Psychology of Learning – educational theories and their usage in dance class
19.2. – Teaching Mixed-Level Groups – engage your beginners without boring your advanced students
5.3. – Emotion Sensitive Teaching – how to professionally deal with feelings, moods and needs in the dance studio
19.3. – Trouble Shooting – what to do when everything goes wrong!
Live online workshops on Sundays, 5-7 pm CET // 8-10 am PST, via Zoom.

About your instructor

Dani Niemietz is a dance teacher (accepted according to the guidelines of DBfT e.V.), dancer, choreographer, special education teacher (MA) and educational director of the Calaneya Dance Academy Hanover. She has been studying dance (Ballet, Contemporary, later also FCBD®Style and Flamenco Dialect) since her early childhood and is a certified teacher of FCBD®Style and Flamenco Fan Dialect by The Siren Society. 

Dani has been working as a trainer in various areas of dance and movement teaching since 2006. Her many years of experience as a movement teacher and her knowledge from her university studies as well as numerous further training courses form a solid basis on which she designs her weekly courses and workshops.

As part of her studies in special education (M.A.), she dealt intensively with the connections between the psyche and movement, movement teaching, theater pedagogy and sports physiology and wrote a master’s thesis on the topic „Trauma-sensitive design of contemporary dance pedagogy for adult women“. She successfully completed her partial training in psychomotor skills in 2012 with a lesson and video supervision at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg.

A dream came true for her in 2017 when she founded her own dance school, the Calaneya Dance Academy together with her partner Elena Sapega. As a school for artistic dance, there is finally a place in Hanover where, in addition to contemporary and classical ballet, contemporary world dance fusions also find a place and are taught with respect, appreciation and awareness of their artistic potential. 

After three years of waiting, she was able to fulfill another lifelong dream in 2022: by completing general skills and teacher training in FatChanceBellyDance® Style, she was able to gain deeper insights into what she considers the most beautiful dance in the world.

Her main focus is on teaching clean technique, a healthy posture and training attitude as well as helping her students to develop their individual artistic potential.


Participation fee (incl. handout):
1 workshop (2 hours): €35
All workshops (10 hours): €150
Please note: This is an introductory fee! Valid for the first edition only, since the format is brand-new
Recording not included in order to protect the privacy of all participants. We will record the lecture parts as a precaution and only make them available as an exception if anyone experiences technical difficulties during the zoom meetings.


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Dani Niemietz