Manton Spring Cleaning – Advanced Fast Steps inspired by Devi Mamak

Updates from the Siren Project Dialect and Fresh Calaneya Steps!

It’s almost Spring time – so let’s clean up your Manton Dialect skills! In this workshop series, Dani, who is a newly certified teacher of the Siren Project Manton Dialect, will give you an in-depth update directly from the „Mothership“ in Warsaw. You will get to know basic concepts as well as slow and fast steps in greater detail as taught by their creator, Agata Zakrzewska. Besides that, Dani will teach Calaneya steps with manton and show you how you can seamlessly combine them with Agata’s original vocabulary in improv. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and join us either for single workshops or the entire series!
The workshops will take place in February and March 2024, on Fridays from 7.45-9:45pm CET. You can participate either in person at our studio or online on Zoom. Please let us know if you would like to book an in-person spot at the studio, since those are strictly limited!

Workshop Contents

February 9 & 16:
Beginner to Intermediate Level | Slow Steps & Concepts I & II

– How to grab & Lead the Manton
– Rainbow Siren Variation
– Frankenstein Slow
– Barrel Turn back Variation & Double Barrel
– Flying V & Double Pulse Turn
– Reverse Turn back variation
– Reversish Turn front variation
– Double Reverse Turn
– Wrap Around Turn Siren Variation
– Wrapping Concept
– Balancing Step with Turn (aka Loco Camel) 3
– Medusa unwrap
– Floreo Barrel unwrap
– Rainbow unwrap
– Corkscrew & Propellor unwrap
– The Siren Project Shoulder Wrap & unwrap


March 1 & 14:
Beginner to Intermediate Level | Fast Steps & Concepts I & II

– How to grab & Lead the Manton
– Hiptwist Front Variation
– Hiptwist Siren Variation
– 1,2,3 Siren Variation
– Arc Arms Combo
– Reverse Shimmy / Wet Dog Combo
– Flamenco Stepping Front Variation
– Jrisi Combo
– Double Back Siren Variation
– Egyptian Flip Front Variation
– Frankenstein unwrap
– Sevilla Romance unwrap

March 15:
Advanced Slow Steps

– Matador front variation
– Medusa Turn hugging Variation
– Wrapping Concept:
– Impulsive Drama Queen
– Sliding Sahra unwrap
– Loco 1 & 2 unwrap
– Siren Sahra unwrap
– Matador unwrap
– Duet Passings and Special Formations
Bonus: Strongs Arms & Medusa Siren Variation

March 22:
Advanced Fast Steps inspired by Devi Mamak

– Divine Step Siren Variation
– Carmen Step front Varioation
– Frankenstein Siren Variations
– Frankenstein wrapped Variation
– Flamenco Roundhouse unwrap
– El Caballo Blanco

You can book your tickets online as always at
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Participation fees:
Single workshop, NO recording: €25
Single workshop, PLUS recording: €32
Full Package, NO recordings: €120
Full Package, PLUS recordings: €150
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