2nd Hannover FCBD(R) Style Intensive
Dear Elegant Engagement Friends,
Due to the ever-continuing global pandemic, Wendy and I are having to announce, again, the postponement of our European tour, The Elegant Engagement 2021. The new dates for 2022 are:
October 15-16 Rome, ITALY (contact: Erika dell‘ Acqua – erika.dell.acqua@gmail.com)
October 21-23 Hannover, GERMANY (contact: Elena Sapega – elena@calaneya.de)
October 29-30 Barcelona, SPAIN (contact: Zaghareet Tribal – zaghareettribalgroup@gmail.com)
November 5-6 Marseille, FRANCE (contact: Terpsichore – https://tinyurl.com/eemarseille)
To those who have already registered, we encourage you to hold onto your spots, so please contact the host you registered with and let them know your intentions. We also will be offering a complimentary online workshop for those who are registered, in a way to offer our thanks for your patience during this unpredictable time in history. Details will be announced soon.
Please, wear your masks, wash your hands, keep your distance, and get vaccinated, if possible! We can do this!
Please stay in good health! We hope to dance with you in Europe next year!
Thank you,
Sandi Ball and Wendy Allen

Get ready for a three-day immersion into pure FCBD(R) bliss featuring two legendary FCBD(R) Emeritae with three differently themed days:

FIRE – (Friday)
The Drama of Contrast (2 hours)
Ever wonder what makes some dancers so dynamic and dramatic? Learn how to create contrasts in movements while using the phrasing in the music to create your own dramatic, dynamic ATS® dance pieces.

Zils to Zaghareets (2 hours)
Accompaniment, embellishments, and environment. How does an FCBD® set create its own energy and ambiance? The finer details of teamwork and interaction help define a troupe’s cohesiveness in a performance. Let’s look at zils within the dance and chorus accompaniment, as well as creating a supportive, lively atmosphere through zaghareets, gaze focus, spacing and more!

The Art of ATS® Balancing (2 hours)
Let’s get our head wraps on and explore the classic way of balancing baskets in FCBD®! Using props can be a great way to add variety and drama to a set. We will examine the FCBD® style of balancing baskets with head wraps, which includes modified movements, selecting moves that work and understanding what moves don’t work.

WIND – (Saturday)
Stillness within the Storm (2 hours)
Find your center within ATS® spins, turns, pivots, and flourishes. We’ll examine how our posture helps keep us grounded and centered while doing big powerful movements – slow and fast. We will select a few intermediate moves to break down and drill. Must have good technique in all basic FCBD® steps, slow and fast.

Strengthen Connections, Strengthen Your Improv (2 hours)
Tuning in more closely to your dance partners’ body language and nuance allows you, as a follower, to more accurately match your leader’s lines, creating a stunning picture for the audience. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, as we explore different exercises to create stronger connections among your troupe-mates.

Where’s My Front? (2 hours)
Changing orientation from our proscenium standard to anything else can be a challenge. We’ll focus on how to assess a performance space and use FCBD® group formations that allow us to face multiple-sided audiences, as well as, how to set up the chorus in these situations. This is an advanced workshop that focuses on presentation rather than technique.

EARTH – (Sunday)
A Visual and Spoken History (2 hours)
FCBD® has existed for long enough that the aesthetic and steps have undergone an evolution. Going back to the roots through a series of photos and videos, dating back to the late 1980’s, you will see how it all progressed, from steps to concepts to costuming.

To the Earth (2 hours)
Floor work is a special feature of FCBD® belly dance that is highly dramatic, physically challenging and not to be taken lightly or used excessively. It is designed to create yet another layer to the rich textures we present to our audiences. In this workshop, we will work on conditioning, technique, usage, and the different skill levels of floor work that can be accessible to all ATS® skill levels. Bring kneepads and any other padding you might desire. Pantaloons are helpful to wear, but not mandatory for this workshop.

Dancing in Flow® (1 hour)
All dance, no talk. Follow us through a 1-hour FCBD® dance flow and release your thinking brain. We will lead you through four 12-15 minute sets of dance with a few minutes in-between for a silent water break. Enjoy this active meditation to round out our dance weekend!

Just like last time, we will start each day with a 30-minute warm-up led by Dani or Elena. We will publish the detailed schedule in the next weeks.


Online registrations open on March 15. If you want to apply, you can register via E-Mail (info@calaneya.de), and we will send you the application form. If you took part in the first intensive or if we have already danced with you in a workshop or a performance, you won’t have to apply for a spot but will get your confirmation immediately. If you have not danced with us before and haven’t taken part at the last intensive, we will ask you to fill out a form and send us a video of yourself performing FCBD(R) style. We would like to achieve a similar level among all participants, that is why we are asking for this information from you.


The number of participants is strictly limited to 30!

Participation fees:

EUR 490.00 for the entire intensive, if you pay at once
three installments of 170 EUR, payable by 14 days after registration, July 1 and September 1, respectively.

30303030, MiMi. NovNovNov | 2121:1111
21:56 — 08:00 (8h)

Sandi Ball, Wendy Allen

Apply now!